Tecnología avanzada de agua pura para sistemas de piscina comercial

Rely on ChlorKing to give your commercial swimming pools, spas, water parks and cruise ship pools the most cost-effective, safest water sanitization system available. Our patented, heavy-duty Chlor SM salt chlorination and NEX-GENpH onsite batch chlorine generation systems keep your water clean and lower your annual operating costs substantially. Eliminating the need to handle toxic chlorine can eliminate the dangers of fire or the creation of dangerous gases caused by mishandling chlorine and muriatic acid. Eliminating chlorine storage eliminates the cost of building special storage facilities and the need for deliveries in special trucks during limited hours.

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ChlorKing backs up our systems’ reliability with our 36- and 60-month Equipment Supply & Maintenance Programs that cover the cost of the equipment, installation and maintenance for a flat monthly fee for the life of the program. With over 8,000 commercial swimming pool and water park installations at some of the world’s largest pool venues, we continue to grow with exciting new clean-water technologies.


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or salt chlorination system for your pool.

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