Chlor SM Salt Chlorinators

Converting your swimming pool to a salt chlorination-based salt water swimming pool is a wise move. Salt (or saline) chlorination utilizes technology to sanitize your swimming pool water rather than using traditional chlorine.

NEXGENpH On-Site Chlorine Generators

ChlorKing® NEXGENpH chlorine generator systems, including our new self-cleaning models, are designed specifically for commercial swimming pool applications. Ranging in sizes from 5 – 80lbs per day, these ChlorKing generators are ideally suited for all commercial swimming pools and water parks.

SENTRY Ultraviolet Light Systems

ChlorKing®’s line of SENTRY ultraviolet light (UV) systems are designed and manufactured specifically for commercial swimming pools and spas.

Toroidal Conductivity Controllers

ChlorKing® offers the most advanced conductivity and toroidal conductivity sensor (TDS) meters and controllers available in the commercial swimming pool market. Our Toroidal probes require no calibration or cleaning and offer years of trouble free operation.

Hypochlorous acid generators

ChlorKing®’s line of NEW-GEN Mixed oxidant generators offer and new and exciting method of sanitizing various bodies of water, including animal drinking water, food preparation, fruit washing, carpet cleaning and many more.

Equipment Supply & Maintenance Programs

Trade a Large Capital Outlay for a Fixed Monthly Payment with ChlorKing’s Equipment Supply & Maintenance Programs