The ChlorKing HYPOGEN is a stand alone, on-site generator optimized to produce hypochlorous acid (NEW) with neutral pH, using ChlorKing technology.

The system converts salt, water, weak acid and electricity into an effective, safe and powerful solution that can substitute for a number of conventional chemicals used on a daily basis.

Safe & Stable.
NEW (Neutral Electrolyzed Water) is an all-natural, organic, non-toxic, non-irritant, environmentally and ecologically safe sanitizing and disinfecting solution. It is produced from the electrochemical reaction of water, salt, weak acid and electricity. The applications for this technology are infinite and include any process or facility requiring sterilizing, disinfecting, cleaning or water purification.

NEW is revolutionizing sanitization and disinfections in all industries. Not only does this product provide a ‘Green’ solution, it is in line with the American public’s concern over escalating disinfection processes and “deep cleaning” that has become necessary with the advent of COVID-19 and their growing demand for the industry to move quickly to implement more safe and natural products. This process provides a sanitizer and disinfectant that is up to 100 times more powerful than bleach.

Neutral Electrolyzed Water.
The primary component of NEW is hypochlorous acid, the most effective element of chlorine. NEW is pH neutral, super-oxidized water generated by electrolysis of a diluted NaCl solution passing through an electrolytic cell. This process creates large volumes of a gentle, but extremely potent antimicrobial solution capable of rapid reduction of bacteria, viruses, spores, cysts, scale and biofilm. NEW is stable, cost-effective to produce, greener than traditional chemical technologies, and can be used in multiple applications across a wide variety of industries.

NEW is efficient.
• NEW is generated on demand and applied where required to eliminate the logistical concerns of purchasing, trans-porting, storing, preparing and using traditional chemical applications
• The elimination of hazardous chemicals translates into reductions in regulatory paperwork, safety training requirements, safety inspections, and liability exposure
• Eliminates the need to monitor for chlorine dioxide residuals, chlorite, or bromates
• Provides more effective cleaning ability than other toxic chemicals

HYPOGEN models
Hypochlorous Acid generated at > 1000ppm FAC at pH between 6 – 7.5 (user adjustable), with ORP of +950mv. This solution is a very effective sanitizer.

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