New ChlorKing® Chlor MSM Salt Chlorinators Sized for Spas, Hotel/Motel Pools

August 18th, 2016

Long-Term Reliability Reduces Operating Costs; Eliminating Chlorine Improves Safety

Norcross, GA  Aug. 17, 2016 – ChlorKing’s® new Chlor MSM (Mini Switch Mode) line of salt chlorinators is designed to meet the lower capacity needs of spas and smaller commercial pools, such as those at hotels and motels, while giving them the operating efficiencies and safety benefits offered for larger pools by the company’s Chlor SM (Switch Mode) line. Two models are available: Chlor MSM2 for spas and pools holding up to 2,500 gallons of water and Chlor MSM5 for pools holding up to 75,000 gallons. They are capable of using salt to produce up to 2.2 pounds of chlorine or 6 pounds, respectively, over a 24-hour period.

“ChlorKing salt systems eliminate the costs, risks and smell associated with shipping and storing traditional chlorine,” said Steve Pearce, Vice President, ChlorKing. “Storing chlorine and muriatic acid, which is required to balance the pH levels of pool, can lead to the creation of dangerous gases or fire if the chemicals are mishandled, and that’s one reason why the hotel/motel industry is moving away from chlorine. Eliminating chlorine eliminates the need to construct special facilities to store and the need for deliveries made by special trucks at specified hours.

“Additionally, our long-term reliability can lower annual operating costs substantially over an expected service life of up to 10 years,” he added. “Chlor MSM systems are heavy-duty, commercial equipment designed to replace residential-type units that are often seen as a cost-saving measure for smaller capacity pools. Chlor MSM systems can pay for themselves through lower cost of operation and a longer lasting system, and they are covered by our Equipment Supply & Maintenance Programs.”

Chlor MSM systems feature a patented single-cell technology and 4mm plate spacing, designed for commercial pools and spas. The self-cleaning systems have automatic salinity control and an industrial switch-mode, water-cooled power supply with military-grade electronics.

“In field tests, our customers loved the easy installation of a smaller-sized, more energy-efficient system with intuitive controls,” Pearce said.


About ChlorKing

Founded in South Africa in the 1970’s, ChlorKing moved its manufacturing and distribution operations to Atlanta, Georgia in 1999. With more than 8,000 commercial swimming pool and water park installations worldwide, ChlorKing is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of on-site chlorine generation and salt chlorination systems. The company’s patented technology produces large amounts of chlorine in a single cell, eliminating the need for banking multiple small cells. ChlorKing Inc., 6767 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Norcross, GA 30092-3665. Tel: 770-452-0952