Recreation Management Aquatic Trends

August 25th, 2017

Enhancements: UV Disinfection and Salt Chlorination Systems – Plus Automatic Feeders

A Look at Trends in Aquatic Facilities, recently published by Recreation Management, named UV disinfection systems (Sentry UV) and salt chlorination systems (NEXGEN and CHLOR SM) as two key operational enhancements that pool owners are considering. You can go right to the spot we’re talking about by clicking here.

We note that camps are considering salt chlorination systems, and that would help them avoid incidents that plagued a number of pools this summer – resulting in kids being hospitalized to treat chlorine-gas exposure. Pool owners are also looking at automatic feeders, which can work with our salt chlorination systems.

At ChlorKing, we can’t overstate the safety benefits of our salt chlorination systems, which eliminate the need to buy, store, and handle bulk chlorine in any form. Look at our advanced technology for cleaner water and contact us.