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Our Story, Our Salt Water Swimming Pool Systems


ChlorKing® Expands Equipment Supply & Maintenance Program to 60 Months Enables Pool Owners and Operators to Trade Large Capital Outlay for Fixed Monthly Payment

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ChlorKing® NEX-GENpH Boosts Bleach Production Efficiency by 10 Percent

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Founded in South Africa in the 1970’s, ChlorKing® has developed into a formidable player in the field of on-site chlorine generation. Chemical engineer David S. von Broembsen initially developed the technology for the treatment of underground mine water, dolphinarium sea water and other large scale swimming pool chlorination.

In 1999, David partnered with fellow South African, Steve Pearce and launched ChlorKing Inc. U.S.A and moved manufacturing and distribution to Atlanta, Georgia to take advantage of the untapped U.S commercial salt water swimming pool market where on-site chlorine generation and salt chlorination were starting to make some gains against the traditional methods of chlorinating a swimming pool with granular or liquid chlorine.

Today, ChlorKing Inc. has taken over as the leader of salt water swimming pool systems featuring on-site chlorine generation and salt chlorination for commercial swimming pools using patented technology which enables production of large amounts of chlorine in a single cell compared with banking multiple small cells together.

An acquisition in 2009 also launched ChlorKing into Ultraviolet light technology.  Together with the founding partners of Sentry UV, ChlorKing now offers a cost

effective, low maintenance, NSF/ANSI-50 certified Ultraviolet Light systems for commercial swimming pools and spa’s. A rapid growth market, ChlorKing is excited about the future of Ultraviolet Light technology and its potential in the commercial swimming pool market.

With over 6,000 commercial swimming pool and water park installations at some of the world’s largest clients, ChlorKing continues to grow not only with current products but with new and exciting merging technologies as well.  We invite you to review our salt chlorination systems, Sentry Ultraviolet Light system, toroidal conductivity controllers and mixed oxidant generators and contact us today.

Let ChlorKing design and install a cost-effective, reliable on-site chlorine generator or salt chlorination system for your pool.