Convert Seawater to Chlorine for Swimming Pools

ChlorKing’s® specially modified Chlor SM salt chlorinators sanitize sea water for onboard recreational water facilities, helping you save money while improving safety.

Our salt chlorinators eliminate the costs associated with buying and onboarding bulk chlorine, a ‘marine pollutant,’ and the need to store and handle it – and eliminate the safety risks of fires or the creation of toxic gases that can be spread through a ship’s HVAC system. You can save 20 to 25 percent on pool sanitization expenses and earn an ROI of 18 months or sooner.

Chlor SM systems for ships are sized to produce 2 to 28 pounds of chlorine per day to sanitize pools ranging in size from 2,500 to 1,000,000 gallons. All are single units with a maximum footprint of 20 in. x 20in. for the power supply and 13 in. x 28 in. for the cell housing. That’s 50 percent smaller and 33 percent lighter than previous models. Their compact size and lighter weight shorten installation time, and fewer moving parts reduce maintenance requirements your carbon footprint.

Our user-friendly LCD screen makes it easy to adjust and operate. Salt is constantly displayed using our toroidal technology, which never needs calibration. An optional feeder can be added to totally automate the system.

Our systems are engineered specifically for the harsh environment of commercial pools and have an unmatched 10-year service life.

With some 90 percent of a ship’s passengers use swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis and even onboard water parks, Chlor SM systems maximize the recreational water experience. The water will feel softer, and passengers will love not having to shower and wash out bathing suits just to get rid of that sticky chlorine feel.

Raise your onboard technology to a higher, measurable level with better controls, self-servicing maintenance capabilities and water-cooled power supplies. Eliminate the safety and security concerns you share with safety agencies worldwide. Contact us today for more information and ordering.

Image: ChlorKing's ChlorSM salt water chlorine generator - ChlorKing, Inc.  Image: ChlorKing salt water chlorinator aboard a cruise ship - ChlorKing, Inc.