ChlorKing® NEX-GENpH Boosts Bleach Production Efficiency by 10 Percent

April 4th, 2016

Commercial Onsite Batch Chlorine Generation Drops to 33 Percent of Chlorine Cost

Norcross, GA   March 17, 2016 – ChlorKing’s® latest improvements to its NEX-GENpH series of onsite batch chlorine generators have increased production efficiency by 10 percent, dropping the cost for bleach production to $0.43 per gallon, less than a third of the cost of chlorine, the company announced.

“Depending on the size of the facility, pool operators can look at a payback on their investment in two to five years,” said Steve Pearce, Vice-President, ChlorKing. “If you project a service life of 10 years for a NEX-GEN system, then you can cut production costs by more than 67 percent over a five- to eight-year cycle – and eliminate all the safety and environmental problems associated with handling toxic, hazardous chlorine.”

NEX-GEN uses a patented technology to produce pH-neutral liquid chlorine (bleach) from salt stored in a feeder in the pump room. The system does not require salt in the pool and eliminates the need to add salt and test salt levels. The four NEX-GEN models produce 10 to 80 pounds of chlorine per day. NEX-GEN is the only commercial onsite batch chlorine generator in the United States that is NSF-50 certified.

“NEX-GEN’s technology works really well if your pool has heavy use or dilution, or you simply don’t want a salt pool but still want the benefits of producing chlorine,” Pearce said. “They are ideal for retrofit projects, even though many owners and operators associate the system with newly constructed pools. They are skid-mounted and they use pool water, which eliminates the need to connect them to freshwater sources. Once the system is installed, owners have the ability to operate their pools as a traditional bleach or salt pool with the only cost being for salt and electricity. In other words, no risk of storing, handling or spilling chlorine.”


About ChlorKing

Founded in South Africa in the 1970’s, ChlorKing moved its manufacturing and distribution operations to Atlanta, Georgia in 1999. With more than 8,000 commercial swimming pool and water park installations worldwide, ChlorKing is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of on-site chlorine generation and salt chlorination systems. The company’s patented technology produces large amounts of chlorine in a single cell, eliminating the need for banking multiple small cells. ChlorKing Inc., 6767 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Norcross, GA 30092-3665. Tel: 770-452-0952