ChlorKing has also received NSF-50 Certification for the SAG low pressure, high output, ultraviolet light system for commercial pools (50 – 900 gpm capability).

February 1st, 2010

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Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubsand Other Recreational Water Facilities 

ChlorKing Inc. 
6767 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Sutie G
Norcross, GA 30092-3665
United States
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Facility : Norcross, GA

Flow Through Chemical Feeding Equipment
Venturi Chemical Feed System[1] [2]
[1] Follow manufacturer's instructions for the installation and operation of this equipment.
     Any modifications, including the use of chemicals other than those recommended by the
    manufacturer will void the NSF Certification.
[2] Certified for Pool and Spa use.  Maximum output rate is 2484 gallons/day sodium

In-Line Electrolytic Chlorinator Process Equipment
ChlorKing [1] [2]
CHLOR-.75M[11] CHLOR-1.25M[12] CHLOR-1.5[3]
CHLOR-10[8] CHLOR-15[9] CHLOR-2.0M[13]
CHLOR-2.5[4] CHLOR-2.5M[4] CHLOR-20.0[14]
CHLOR-25[10] CHLOR-3.5[5] CHLOR-5.0[6]
CHLOR-5.0M[6] CHLOR-7.5[7] MICRO2.2T[15] [16]
[1] NSF Listed units are Certified for Pool & Spa end use
[2] With or without suffix "C", "C" denotes non-reverse polarity.
[3] Maximum output 1.5 lbs/day
[4] Maximum output 2.5 lbs/day
[5] Maximum output 3.5 lbs/day
[6] Maximum output 5.0 lbs/day
[7] Maximum output 7.5 lbs/day
[8] Maximum output 10 lbs/day
[9] Maximum output 15 lbs/day
[10] Maximum output 25 lbs/day
[11] Maximum output .75 lbs/day
[12] Maximum output 1.25 lbs/day
[13] Maximum output 2.0 lbs/day
[14] Maximum output 20 lbs/day
[15] Maximum output at 3500 ppm salt 1.8 lbs/day
[16] Maximum output at 5000 ppm salt 2.2 lbs/day

Brine (Batch) Type Electrolytic Chlorine or Bromine Generators
Batch Electrolytic Chlorinator[1]
[1] NSF Listed units are Certified for Pool & Spa end use
[2] Maximum output 9.5 lbs/day
[3] Maximum output 20 lbs/day
[4] Maximum output 40 lbs/day
[5] Maximum output 4.75 lbs/day
[6] Maximum output 7.125 lbs/day

Ultraviolet Light Process Equipment
UV Generators[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
SAG1200A120 SAG1200A230 SAG120A120
SAG120A120PVC SAG120A230 SAG240A120
SAG240A120PVC SAG240A230 SAG480A120
SAG480A230 SAG720A120 SAG720A230
SAG960A120 SAG960A230
[1] Certified for pool and spa/hot tub end use.
[2] Product has met the requirements of NSF/ANSI 50, Annex H.1: Disinfection Efficacy for
    the >= 3 log reduction of Enterococcus faecium [ATCC #6569] and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    [ATCC #27313].  This product is intended for supplemental disinfection and should be
    used with registered or approved disinfection chemicals to impart residual
    concentrations in accordance with state and local regulations.  This product has not
    been evaluated to the cryptosporidium inactivation requirements of NSF/ANSI 50.
[3] This product has not been Certified by NSF to the requirements of the National
    Electrical Code or electrical product safety standards.
[4] Only products bearing the NSF Mark are Certified.
[5] NSF Certified models contain an in-place chemical cleaning system.