Nuestra historia

Founded in South Africa in the 1970s, ChlorKing® has become a worldwide innovator in on-site chlorine generation. We make commercial pool facilities safer and more cost-effective by eliminating the need to store and handle bulk chlorine in liquid or granular form, and we lower operating costs – all by replacing chlorine with less expensive salt. On-site hypochlorite generation technology, also known as saline or salt chlorination, has a proven track record for swimming pool chlorination. Adding salt to pool water results in a salt concentration of only 0.5 %, which is 10% of the concentration of seawater.

Our systems were initially designed and developed by our founder, David S. von Broembsen, a chemical engineer. They were used for large scale water treatment applications in South Africa, including the chlorination of underground mine water, a dolphinarium with 1.25 million gallons of sea water, and numerous large commercial swimming pools.

In 1999 David partnered with fellow South African, Steve Pearce to launch ChlorKing® Inc. U.S.A., and they moved manufacturing and distribution to Atlanta, GA. This enabled them to take advantage of the untapped U.S commercial swimming pool market, where on-site chlorine generation and salt chlorination were starting to make gains against traditional granular or liquid chlorine to sanitize water.

Today, ChlorKing® is the leader in on-site chlorine generation and salt chlorination for commercial swimming pools.
Using patented technology, our equipment produces large amounts of chlorine in a single cell compared with banking multiple small cells together.

In 2009 ChlorKing® launched its NEX-GEN line of chlorine generators, which are the first of its kind to produce pH neutral chlorine on-site, using the swimming pool as the source water for the product.

An acquisition in 2009 also launched ChlorKing® into Ultraviolet light technology. Together with the founding partners of Sentry UV, ChlorKing® now offers a cost-effective, low-maintenance ultraviolet light system for commercial swimming pools and spas that is NSF/ANSI-50 certified. By combining ultraviolet light technology with primary sanitization technologies, such as onsite chlorine generation and salt chlorination, ChlorKing® continues to grow not only with current products but with new and exciting emerging technologies as well. We have more than 8,000 commercial swimming pool and water park installations worldwide.