Generadores de mezclas oxidantes

ChlorKing®’s line of MIO-GEN Mixed oxidant generators offer and new and exciting method of sanitizing various bodies of water, including animal drinking water, food preparation, fruit washing, carpet cleaning and many more.

MIO-GEN generators are available in many sizes and configurations to suit any application and are capable of producing up to 2.4gpm of solution.

Raw materials of salt, electricity and water, combined with our unique cell produce a variety of solutions for your facility, namely;

Anolyte – produced with a pH of 2-4, free chlorine of 500 – 700ppm and an ORP of 950mv, this solution is a very effective sanitizer and multipurpose cleaner.

Catholyte – produced with a pH of 11 – 12.5, caustic soda solution and an ORP of -950mv, this solution is very effective as a degreaser and surface cleaner and has very unique properties when used as a carpet cleaner.

N.E.W (neutral electrolyzed water) – produced with a pH of 7 – 7.5, free chlorine of 500 – 700ppm and an ORP of 950mv, this solution is used in potable water treatment, bio-film removal in circulation piping and bacteria removal in storage tanks. N.E.W is fastly becoming one of the most sort after solutions in many industries and the true potential of this solution is still being discovered.

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